Dr. Heidi Goodzari is amazing! I brought my 2 year old son to her office for evaluation and treatment of a skin condition, and she took excellent care of us. She treated my son with such kindness and immediately put me at ease. We love Dr. Goodzari and will continue seeing her for the care of our entire family. She is an extremely knowledgeable and caring physician. I highly recommend her.
N.N., (Mother of 2 year old patient from Corona Del Mar, CA)
I had never done Botox for cosmetic purposes and was very afraid to do so as I had seen too many gone bad results. However, after consulting with Dr. Goodarzi, I was convinced that if Botox is done properly it really has a positive effect. I decided to go for it and I’ve been hooked ever since. I used to have a naturally angry look on my face because of my frown lines on my forehead. After Dr. Goodarzi injected the area with Botox, I look much more relaxed and my smile has now taken over my facial expressions. I have converted and will appreciate the benefits of the skilled hands of Dr. Goodarzi from now on. Thank you Dr. Goodarzi for taking the time to clear my confusions and making my life happier.
M.G., (32 year old female patient from Irvine, CA)
Dear Dr. Heidi Goodarzi, thank you very much for everything! My first appointment for Botox, I loved it. Next appointment for filler, the result has been wonderful for me and I am very grateful to you! It must have been difficult to work on a colleague, I proudly recommend you to anyone interested. Thank you again.
Dr. Mort., (65 year old male patient from Irvine, CA)
I recently moved here from Scottsdale, AZ. It is somewhat stressful to find a new set of physicians when you relocate. Finding a premier dermatologist who specializes in medical, surgical and cosmetic dermatology can be somewhat of a challenge and I am rather particular in this area. Based on the reviews, I went to see Dr. Heidi and never looked back. She is absolutely amazing. She is extremely thorough and caring…you never feel like you are being herded in and out. She goes above and beyond in every way and is on top of all cutting edge technology. I am thrilled to have found her. Top of her game.
B. R., (Yelp - Scottsdale, AZ)
Excellent care. Dr. Heidi takes great care of her patients. She diagnosed the issue real quick and provided effective treatment, I had to call her back for clarifying the reaction to the treatment. She responded back immediately via call/email while she was on vacation with her family. Now that’s service!!! Even though they are closed on Fridays, I have never had a problem getting an appointment with Dr. Heidi. Through all my appointments, I was seen immediately without any wait. The front office staff and the nurse are very cordial.
Jothi S., (Yelp - Irvine, CA)
I traveled far just for her and I’m glad I did; she helped me with my chapped lips! The whole staff is professional and courteous. Very patient and understanding, Dr. Goodarzi knows how to talk to her patients (especially to the kids). Their office is clean, modern and aesthetically appealing (cool wall projection). I’d recommend all my friends to her 🙂
H P., (Yelp - Diamond Bar, CA)
Dr. Goodarzi and her staff, are very friendly, professional, knowledgable and well educated in their field. Patients get treated as a friend not a number.
Edith J., (Yelp - Anaheim, CA)
I absolutely love Dr. Goodarzi she is such a wonderful doctor and person, she really cares. She has a disarming personality and makes it easy to talk about personal issues like dermatology because she genuinely cares.
Devon B. , (Yelp - Aliso Viejo, CA)
Great office, friendly and helpful staff, and Dr. (Heidi) Goodarzi is wonderful!

The office is one of the cleanest doctor’s offices that I have ever been to.

Stephanie, the receptionist, is funny and friendly and makes scheduling/rescheduling appointments a breeze.

Linda, her medical assistant, is essential to the team. She is very nice and is almost as knowledgeable as Dr. Goodarzi. I felt very comfortable asking her all my skin-related questions.

Dr. Goodarzi was great and was able to quickly diagnose my skin problems and prescribe the proper medications.

I’ve had eczema throughout my entire life, and for 21 years I don’t know why I never thought to see a dermatologist! However, the medication that Dr. Goodarzi prescribed and the skin-care regimen that Linda helped create solved all my problems within days, and until this day my skin is continuing to improve.

My one complaint: Although you may not be charged up front at the reception desk, you **WILL** be receiving a bill in the mail for your visit.

If you have eczema or any other type of skin problems, don’t wait! Get rid of them now by scheduling an appointment with Dr. Goodarzi or Linda!

Grace M., (Yelp - Los Angeles, CA)
I am incredibly thankful that I stumbled upon Dr. Heidi and her office via Yelp! They were INCREDIBLY helpful in squeezing me in when I was having a dermatology emergency. They were incredibly kind and immediately began to build a plan for my dermatology needs. I saw a couple of other dermatologists in the area and I did not feel confident when in their offices. I felt so confident under the care of Dr. Heidi and her staff, along with their ability to take care of my skin and give me the best possible plan to solve my acne problems. I would DEFINITELY recommend this office for anyone who is searching for a dermatologist in the Orange County area!
Jackie S., (Yelp - Orange County, CA)
Dr. Goodarzi gave me back my confidence. Growing up I never had acne until I turned 27. I didn’t know what to do. I was embarrassed to leave the house with my skin looking so bad. I did an online search and found Dr. Goodarzi. She took the time to talk to me and look at my skin. She put me on an easy skin care plan. Within a few weeks my skin cleared up. I would recommend her to anyone!
Regi W., (Yelp - Newport Beach, CA)

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