Mole Removal Irvine

A mole, sometimes called a nevus, is a common skin lesion. These small marks are usually round and brown or black, and may be flat or slightly raised.

Moles appear on everyone’s skin. Most adults have somewhere between 10 and 40 moles on their body. Some are with you from birth while others appear as you grow older. Most of the time, moles are harmless.

Moles can and do appear in unfortunate places. If you have a mole on your face, chest, or anywhere else that causes you embarrassment and concern, you may be willing to try anything to get rid of it.

Removing an unwanted mole is a fast and permanent solution to the problem. At Good Derm, we offer several methods of surgical mosle removal options, including excision, cryosurgery, and electrosurgery. These are fast outpatient procedures that only take a few minutes. There is minimal scarring, and the results are immediate.

Sometimes a mole is a sign of melanoma, a dangerous skin cancer. If your mole is asymmetrical, has poorly defined borders, multiple colors, or appears to be growing and evolving, it might be cancerous. If you suspect your mole may be a melanoma, make an appointment with Dr. Goodarzi right away.

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I had never done botox for cosmetic purposes and was very afraid to do so as i had seen too many gone bad results. however, after consulting with dr. goodarzi, i was convinced that if botox is done properly it really has apositive effect. i decided to go for it and i’ve been hooked ever since…
M.G. (32 years old female patient from Irvine, CA)
Dr. Heidi Goodzari is amazing! i brought my 2 year old son to her office for evaluation and treatment of a skin condition, and she took excellent care of us. she treated my son with such kindness and immediately put me at ease. we love Dr. goodzari and will continue seeing her for the care of our entire family…
N.N. (Mother of 2 years old patient from Corona Del Mar, CA)
Dear Dr. Heidi,thank you very much for everything! my first appointment for botox, i loved it. next appointment for filler, the result has been wonderful for me and i am very grateful to you!it must have been difficult to work on a colleague, i proudly recommend you to anyone interested.thank you again,
Dr. Mort. (65 years old male patient from Irvine, CA)